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FAQ Swiss Tennis Academy


Who can train at the Swiss Tennis Academy?

Professional tennis players who wish to improve their technical, tactical and fitness levels between engagements on the ATP or WTA tour live and train at the Swiss Tennis Academy as do young players on their way to American colleges or on their way to becoming professional.

The players are from Switzerland (private players >> no national A- and B-team members) or from abroad.


At what age can players begin to train at the Swiss Tennis Academy?
The youngest player currently training at the Swiss Tennis Academy is 13 years old. Players who no longer live with their parents must be independent and mature enough to manage their everyday lives. They then live in the Swiss Tennis Villa or in private accommodation.


At what level can players begin to train at the Swiss Tennis Academy?

As a general rule, girls should be ranked R2 or higher and boys R4 or higher to join the Academy.

However, ranking is only one aspect. More importantly, the players must be 100% committed to competitive sports. Those who strive to improve everyday and give their best in every practice session are always welcome at the Swiss Tennis Academy.


Do the players still go to school?

About half of all the players at the Swiss Tennis Academy are professionals and don't go to school anymore. The other half either attends regular school, a private school or studies towards a higher degree via e-learning.


Who are the coaches?
The players af the Swiss Tennis Academy are coached by  by the Academy's coaching team.


How much does it cost to train at the Swiss Tennis Academy?

The Swiss Tennis Academy offers weekly programs (CHF 1,000.00), 20-week packages (CHF 17,000.00) and a full-time program (CHF 33,000.00). All these prices cover the tennis and fitness training, while the costs for accommodation/boarding and tournament travel are extra.


Where does the training take place?

The Swiss Tennis Academy trains on the courts and at the facilities of the National Centre in Biel.


Are the players coached at tournaments in Switzerland?

The players are only coached during international tournaments that take place in Switzerland. 


Are the players coached at tournaments abroad?
Players enrolled in the full-time program are entitled to at least six tournament coachings per year. During tournament travel, the players pay for their costs, while the coach's expenses (excluding the salary that is covered by the annual fee) are divided among the participating players.

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